Terms & Condition
Terms & Conditions Here at Forbes Lending Solutions Corp., we take your privacy seriously. The privacy and security of your personal data (the “Personal Information”) which we collect from you is important to us. It is equally important that you understand how we handle this data.

In the course of conducting our business, we must collect “Personal Information” from you. The nature of the information that we collect will be strictly used to administer your account and to provide the products and services you have requested from us and to further meet your needs and the standard procedures of our business.

We will treat your “Personal Information” confidential. It will only be disclosed for the purpose of handling your account efficiently, effectively and to further assist you in your financial needs, to our affiliates such as credit bureaus, collection companies and other financial institutions. We have trusted relationships, with carefully selected third parties who perform services on our behalf. All service providers are bound by the contract to maintain the security of your personal information and to use it only as permitted by us. We guarantee that your personal information will be strictly kept in private.

Likewise, in order to attain your goals and financial goals, we might need to collect and gather information in relation to your loan application. In this regard, this will also serve as your consent in giving Forbes Lending Solutions Corp. (“FLSC” for brevity) the right to collect and gather information from any bank institutions, your employer, supplier, agencies, from your declared character references in the application form.

You are also allowing FLSC to collect personal and sensitive information from your relatives up to 3rd consanguinity and vice versa, that we are allowed to disclose any personal information to the above-mentioned people and institutions in any case we cannot contact you to discuss your loan and your existing obligation, if any.

You are also allowing FLSC to collect information from any institutions that you are connected with or related to in order to properly assess your loan application. Furthermore, you are allowing any of these above mentioned institutions and persons to disclose any information about you that will help us in ascertaining your loan application.

Furthermore, in any case of restructuring your loan obligation, you are giving consent and allowing FLSC to disclose and collect information from the above-mentioned institutions and people.

Here at Forbes Lending Solutions Corp, we make sure that you are protected.